The Benefits of Treadmill Running

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The Benefits of Treadmill Running

benefits of treadmill running

Benefits of Treadmill Running  –  Easier on the body. The track on the treadmill has a softer connecting surface then compared to pavement, making it an easier surface to run on causing less pain on the knee and ankle joints.

Benefits of Treadmill Running – Instant gratification . The display settings on the treadmill allow you to see your running pace and distance ran. This gives instant gratification you’re achievement.

Benefits of Treadmill Running – Even ground. The treadmill is a guaranteed flat surface, creating a safer surface to run on if you’re are prone to injury (ankle twisting)

Benefits of Treadmill Running – Know your running zone. The display on the treadmill gives guidance as to which zone you are running in, aerobic (considered to be more of a fat burning zone) or anaerobic (a conditioning zone)

Benefits of Treadmill Running – Complete control. Treadmills allow for you to be in complete control, there is no wind resistance, no hills or uneven ground. You are in control of your own pace; you can either push your self or have a nice and easy day with a slow pace.

Benefits of Treadmill Running – Can never be boring. Change up your running routine from time to time, throw in a hill or two, or even watch your favorite television show or movie while your sweating away.

Benefits of Treadmill Running – Variety is the spice of life! Most treadmills have a variety of set workouts, whether it is hill intervals, or an anaerobic challenge. Chose from these options instead of doing a one speed workout, or even make your own running routine mix in hills and sprints, have fun with it!!

Benefits of Treadmill Running – Mother Nature cant bring you down! No matter the weather ladies and gentlemen there is no excuse the treadmill is always there.

Benefits of Treadmill Running – Safety first. On a treadmill there is no need to worry about impatient drivers or hazardous road conditions, no such thing exists in the security of your local gyms treadmill.

And don’t forget a proper warm-up and cool-down is an essential part of any workout routine. With the addition of a proper warm-ups and cool-down you can help reduce chance of injury as well as reduce muscle soreness the next day!

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