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The Get RIPPED! Program designed by Jari Love is scientifically tested and proven to get you results!

No matter who you are or what your level of fitness Get RIPPED! has a class for you. The Get RIPPED! program was developed to challenge and inspire you to get in the best shape ever. It is comprised of 5 cutting edge phases designed to deliver results in the most efficient, effective and accelerated way possible all while having fun. These phases are: Endurance, Core, Intensity, Strength and Isolation. The Get RIPPED! program is intended for any one, any time. Instructors always show modifications so that men and women of all fitness levels and all ages can participate in any of the phases and get an amazing workout. From beginners to elite athletes, all Get RIPPED! exercisers will feel success and get results!


Get RIPPED! Slim & Lean

Slim and Lean is part of the Strength phase. This class will sculpt and tone your body while building strength. Slim and Lean focuses on heavy weights and works opposing muscle groups with rest periods between tracks. This is a total body workout that reduces fat and redefines muscles. Slim and Lean uses high reps to work muscles to fatigue. As a result, this phase is designed to stimulate muscle growth for strength gains by building lactic acid in the muscles. This phase also uses pulses and isometric holds to add intensity, help achieve muscle definition, as well as increasing muscle endurance and aerobic capacity.

Modifications are shown for all fitness levels. If you want a lean, toned and strong body, this is the class for you.


Get RIPPED! to the Core

Get RIPPED! to the Core is part of the Core phase. This class gets results fast ! This phase is designed to maintain traditional strength training benefits as well as adding increased cardio benefits by introducing compound moves. Double-duty exercises work multiple muscle groups simultaneously to maximize results in a shorter amount of time. Metabolic testing proves that the compound moves used in RIPPED! to the core can burn up to 3x more calories than traditional weight training. Just one class of RIPPED! to the Core can burn the same amount of calories as running a 5 km race. This class is a high rep workout that uses a fluid program design with progressions built into each track along with a recovery period between tracks. This full body workout is guaranteed to increase strength, endurance and cardio stamina. As part of the Core phase, RIPPED! to the Core also strengthens and tones abs and core with every move. This phase will help you break out of plateaus and define your muscles.

Modifications are shown for all fitness levels!


Get RIPPED! 1000

Get RIPPED! 1000 is part of the Intensity phase. This class is ideal for those looking for accelerated weight loss. This class focuses on both resistance and cardio exercises with recovery time between tracks. This is a high intensity class that was specifically designed to burn up to 1000 calories in one hour. RIPPED! 1000 alternates between double-duty resistance exercises and one minute high intensity cardio intervals. The resistance intervals build strength and keep the heart rate elevated while the cardio intervals push you to your limits. This type of interval training has been scientifically proven to burn maximum calories during your workout and to rev up your metabolism so you continue to burn calories at high levels even hours after your workout. RIPPED! 1000 guarantees you will build lean muscle, burn calories and shed fat! This workout gets the heart rate up and works the muscles. This is a high intensity class, but anyone can participate: low-impact modifications are always shown and all fitness levels are welcome!


Get RIPPED! & Chiseled

Get RIPPED! & Chiseled is the ultimate class for creating a lean chiseled look. The secret behind RIPPED! & Chiseled’s success is super-sets. The exercises in this class are designed to hit the same muscles from different angles in back to back sets with minimal rest; recovery is given by changing movement rather than stopping movement. Your muscles are challenged and overloaded so that your body must recruit new muscle fibers to keep going. RIPPED! & Chiseled is calculated to elevate lactic acid levels in the body and increase the heart rate with extremely high reps and pulsing movements. This scientifically proven method burns mega calories and 100% carbs. This full body class will challenge you, but the results are lean, sculpted muscles and amazing results. Break out of plateaus and take your fitness to the next level with RIPPED! & Chiseled.


Get Extremely RIPPED!

Extremely RIPPED! is part of the Endurance phase. This workout amps up the intensity with non-stop compound exercises. This class guarantees both benefits of strength training and of aerobic cardio training. Although there are no cardio intervals in this class, the high-rep compound exercises combined with active recovery and no rest between tracks mean you will achieve the same cardio benefits and calorie burn as if you were running on a treadmill. This high-intensity class keeps your heart rate elevated throughout the workout, and the high reps build lactic acid in your muscles to stimulate muscle endurance. Research shows that high-intensity resistance training can burn almost twice as many calories as a low intensity workout AND you will continue to burn calories at this accelerated rate for hours after your workout. Modifications are shown for all fitness levels! Get your sweat on with Get Extremely RIPPED!-the results are waiting for you.


Get Extremely RIPPED! 1000

Extremely RIPPED! 1000 is part of the intensity phase and takes RIPPED! 1000 up to the next level. This class is scientifically proven to turn your body into a fat-burning machine. In this class you will push your cardio endurance to extremes. Extremely Ripped! 1000 doubles down on intervals by alternating 3 minutes of double-duty resistance exercises with 3 minutes of cardio. These intervals progress to target different heart rate zones subsequently burning more calories during and after this amazing workout. Try Extremely RIPPED! 1000 to rapidly improve your fitness conditioning, melt fat and achieve maximum strength gains. While this workout increases the intensity and difficulty for ultimate results, all participants are welcome as low-impact modifications are always shown. Step out of your comfort zone and see fast and incredible results.


Get RIPPED! Express

Get Ripped Express maximizes exercise time to get you results in just 30 minutes. Express will help you blast out of plateaus with this easy to follow and effective workout that packs a punch in half the time. Whether you are new to RIPPED!, or you are just looking for a quick workout, this class is guaranteed to give you bang for your buck. Capitalize on your time with this scientifically proven workout specifically designed to bring you the most effective exercises for calorie burn and muscle definition. Using principles from all the phases, RIPPED! Express challenges you to your max burning tons of calories and keeping your heart rate elevated even hours after your workout. Take your workouts to new levels and you will quickly see significant improvements in strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness



RIPPED! Jacked is part of the Isolation phase. This phase guarantees amazing strength gains. Jacked works with eccentric and concentric principles to challenge and overload muscles by making your muscles work at different tempos. Jacked works muscles to fatigue in order to accumulate lactic acid and produce increased strength gains. Jacked isolates muscles with 2-3 exercises per muscle group and rest in between sets. Scientific testing has proven that the only way to maintain muscle while losing fat is to add resistance training. As a result, Jacked is the perfect workout for those who are looking to prevent age related weight gain and bone density loss. Jacked builds strength, builds joint mobility and builds confidence. Test your strength and get in the best shape of your life with this amazing weight workout that focuses on different exercises each week in order to keep the results coming.


Body Shred & Core

Welcome to this fast-paced, high intensity, fun and super effective class. Created by Jillian Michaels and brought to you by Get RIPPED!, BODYSHRED is designed to maximize performance and metabolic potential to shred fat, define muscle and transform your body. This challenging workout is 30 minutes of non-stop movement and is designed so you can train harder AND smarter. This high intensity class combines cutting edge fitness philosophies into one full-body program that targets every muscle and every fitness modality (cardio, resistance, flexibility etc.). The workout is comprised of a 3 minute warm-up and four 6-minute circuits using a 3-2- 1 approach: 3 minutes of resistance, 2 minutes of HIIT cardio, and 1 minute active recovery core-centric moves. Within this format, each exercise is performed for 30 seconds back to back. There are no rest breaks, just constant, dynamic movement that challenges your whole body to get you in the best shape of your life. Once we’ve finished our BODYSHRED circuits, we’ll slow down the pace a little and round out the class with 15 minutes of Get Ripped! intense, targeted core work and a stretch. Come check out this exciting and innovative class to get Ripped AND Shredded.



Want to add something new to your exercise routine? Check out this dynamic non-contact Cardio Kickboxing class. This full body workout explores movement possibilities as it exercises the whole body from different planes of movement. This high energy class combines many athletic skills and training modalities such as: punches, kicks, knee drives and basic combinations. You’ll also enjoy skipping, circuit training, hitting the pads and core work. This exciting and constantly changing workout will help you see dramatic improvements in strength, endurance, power, body awareness, agility and cardiovascular stamina. This workout is suitable for all fitness levels and will leave you feeling strong and confident!



The Get RIPPED! program offers Pilates as a new challenge. You can challenge your body in a whole new way by focusing on muscle awareness and control. Pilates will help you activate your core strength. It is great for all fitness levels and helps improve muscle control, flexibility, coordination, strength and tone. Pilates helps develop total body strength and control while improving coordination and balance. Pilates also improves body awareness, improves body alignment and breathing, and increases efficiency of movement. This class is fresh every week to keep you seeing results. Heighten your mind/body connection with this total body conditioning workout.


Get RIPPED! Ride

Get RIPPED! Ride conditions the cardiovascular system for maximum fat burning. Your Ride instructors will take you through a variety of drills designed to activate both aerobic and anaerobic systems. Not only does Ride provide killer cardio, it also builds lean muscle and strengthens your core all while working out to great music and having fun. Ride works in multiple heart zones and multiple levels of challenge. Within the Ride family Get RIPPED! offers a variety of Ride classes to meet every desired level of challenge. Power Hour Ride (60 mins) & Power Ride (45 mins) is a cutting edge class that challenges your endurance and stamina with multiple drills such as hills, springs and pacing drills. This class is high-energy and high-intensity set to new music. Finally, lights and the big screen will power up your class. Ride to the Beat is for those who love their music. Specifically designed to match tempo, Ride to the Beat works you anaerobically and aerobically for fat-burning fun set to the beat of awesome tunes. Boomer Ride is perfect for those looking to get their cardio on in a stress-free environment. Come sweat it out to the music you love. Simple and effective! Express Ride like our RIPPED! Express, Express Ride Is for those who want to maximize their workout time. Blast calories and burn fat with this fast-paced, high intensity workout. HIIT Ride in 30 The name says it all. HIIT ride in 30 delivers amazing killer cardio intervals in 30 minutes. HIIT uses short bursts of high intensity with lower intensity intervals to rev up your metabolism, burn major calories and dramatically improve you fitness levels. No matter which Get RIPPED! Ride you choose, you will always be challenged as you are always in control of the intensity level.


Boomer Step

Boomer Step is perfect for those looking to maintain or increase fitness and lifestyle. This simple and stress-free class conditions the aerobic system with 30 minutes of basic step. Studies have shown that exercise classes such as step not only offer health benefits such as improved cardio stamina, weight loss and strength gains, but light impact classes such as Boomer step can also increase bone density, improve posture and stabilization as well as increase cognitive function. After our 30 minutes of stepping to the music you love to hear, enjoy a tubing and weight workout to define and build strength! All fitness levels welcome!



Step & RIPPED! HIIT offers all the benefits of traditional HIIT training, with all the fun of step. This class is a high-intensity cardio workout that targets your aerobic and anaerobic systems. Warm-up with step to challenge your aerobic system and then crank out the anaerobic intervals with this high-energy class. Challenge your endurance to the max, elevate your heart rate and burn crazy calories all while improving coordination and heightening body awareness and agility. We’ll finish off the workout with some targeted core training. Specific core-centric exercises will improve your overall strength, stability and posture! All fitness levels welcome!


Yoga Mix

Get RIPPED! also offers a variety of Yoga classes led by our exceptional instructors. Let your stress melt away as you tone, tighten and condition your body. Focus on your breath and the mind/body/spirit connection while strengthening and lengthening muscles. Yoga can help improve self-awareness and self-confidence and is an excellent addition to any fitness program. Our Yoga programs help muscles maintain their elasticity, flexibility and can improve recovery. Get RIPPED offers a variety of Yoga styles: Hatha builds our foundation by focusing on form and alignment. Improve your balance, strengthen your muscles and calm your mind. Hatha Flow builds on the foundation of Hatha to build strength and stamina. This class incorporates both static holds and flow sequences. Balance your physical and mental aspects with pranayama (breath work) and meditation. Power Power yoga focuses on movement. Flow sequences are integrated with power moves like planks, pushups and crunches to improve your power, strength, body awareness and balance. Restorative focuses on recuperation and mindfulness. Restorative yoga works with our bodies to provide a supportive atmosphere for peace and restoration. Static poses are held for several minutes to deepen the sensation and promote relaxation. Vinyasa focuses on movement with breath. This class is a flow class where we will challenge our bodies with consistent movement and leave you feeling energized and calm.



Do you want a fun, new and exciting program to add to your fitness program? Then step on up and shake it with our amazing Zumba classes. Zumba is a highly effective workout that allows you to stop counting reps and instead gets you to focus on your body. Zumba is a cardio-intensive class that combines low and high intensity moves. Zumba also strengthens muscles, conditions balance and flexibility. Dance your way to improved health and fitness. Perfect for all fitness levels, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the time goes by as you shimmy and shake your way through the class. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked.

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